maternity hospital

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ma·ter·ni·ty hos·pi·tal

a special hospital for the care of women in childbirth.
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Two board members of the maternity hospital resigned on April 27 and 28, claiming that the new 300-million-euro, taxpayer-funded hospital, which is to be built on the campus of St.
This just goes to show there is real outrage about the planned ownership of National Maternity Hospital by the UPLIFT Sisters of Charity amongst the Irish public.
The post Syrian maternity hospital supported Save the Children bombed appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In July, 1939, a large extension was opened by the then Princess Royal, and in 1940 it became the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital, which is the name that appeared on thousands of birth certificates over the next four decades.
Speaking on the occasion, the DCO said the Hilal-e-Ahmar Maternity Hospital was being expanded from 200 beds to 500 beds and its Institute of Gynaecology and Neonatology would provide advanced medical treatment to mother and child besides imparting training to doctors.
He said: "I saw locals peering through the broken windows of the maternity hospital watching mothers give birth.
It was found that a 22-year-old patient of the maternity hospital was registered in medical clinic No.
Ms Bevan was captured on CCTV leaving Bristol Maternity Hospital coatless and carrying Zaani wrapped in just a blanket on Tuesday.
He said the maternity section at King Hamad University Hospital will continue to provide such services until construction work on the Muharraq maternity hospital is completed.
His parents, Ann and Allan, discovered about the meningitis outbreak at the Maternity Hospital by chance when a Children's Hospital nurse casually let it slip that other babies had contracted the bug around the same time as Lee in 1972.
Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, a maternity hospital catering to poor patients.
At the end of the programme, Save the Children Romania was able to provide the Cantacuzino Hospital in Bucharest with a portable incubator and the Polizu Maternity Hospital with a medical ventilator worth 24,000 euros.