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The masturbator can dispose of a sexual partner at will and bend any tempting object to serve her or him without expending energy and resources.
But bravely raise the issue in almost any circle and doubtless a number of people, mostly female but sometimes male, will come forward with tales of encounters with flashers and masturbators -- some sadly amusing, others genuinely terrifying.
A humorous dichotomy exists between Baillie's very realistic dialogue and scene-setting, and the bevy of ridiculous and, at times, lewd and mentally troubled recurring characters (Suitcase Man, Lavender, Morality Man, the serial masturbator, the secret admirer who regards himself as Rigoletto in letters obliquely addressed to Miriam, whom he fancies to be his Gilda).
Apparently the masturbator was either McGuire or Sczrowbeska.
Salvador Dali (1904-1989) in his paranoiac-critical works, such as The great masturbator, (1929), Phantasmagoria (1930), The dream (1931) and Apparition of a face and a fruit dish on a beach (1938) gives way to surrealist composite creatures.
Elsewhere, in the poem "Op soek" (42) [Looking for], he compares the poet to a masturbator, a thief and a voyeur, always on the lookout for new material.
The suggestion is that the male heroic painter is a self-centered masturbator.
Or there's always his 1929 El Gran Masturbador, which, for those of you not versed in the Spanish, means The Great Masturbator.
became an active masturbator and on several occasions was found in bed tampering with other boys .
This includes the American premiere (Friday) of Francois Narboni's "El Gran Masturbator," a wild piece Robertson said pays homage to Salvador Dali and draws musical inspiration from Prince and Stevie Wonder.
Last year, Telefilm Canada handed out $158 million to fund pornographic productions such as Sperm and The Masturbators.
Borneman (1994), through his data collection on over 4,000 children over a 20-year period, found that "children who had shown themselves to be especially agile as infant masturbators developed all other motor abilities, especially manipulation, earlier and more efficiently than nonmasturbators" (p.