masticatory force

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force of mas·ti·ca·tion

the motive force created by the dynamic action of the muscles during the physiologic act of mastication.

force of mas·ti·ca·tion

(fōrs mas'ti-kā'shŭn)
The force created by the action of the muscles during mastication.
Synonym(s): masticatory force.

force of mas·ti·ca·tion

(fōrs mas'ti-kā'shŭn)
Motive force created by dynamic action of muscles during physiologic act of mastication.
Synonym(s): biting strength, chewing force, masticatory force.

masticatory force (mas´tikətôrē),

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It is suggested that after six months of NSCH application, this softer, less stiff dentine may be less able to withstand masticatory forces, making the dentine more prone to fracture.
The size of the filler particles present in Venus Diamond offer enhanced resistance to wear from masticatory forces, enabling their use in both the anterior and posterior.