master patient index

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mas·ter pa·tient in·dex

(MPI) (mas'tĕr pā'shĕnt in'deks)
Database of all patients ever treated at a given health care facility.
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Christopher Smith, Interoperability Strategist for Mississippi DOM, and Dan West, Director of Product Marketing at MedeAnalytics, will be presenting a session " Deploying a Clinical Master Patient Index (MPI): Lessons Learned from the Mississippi Division of Medicaid " and initial results at the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, August 19 at 9:30 a.
The challenge we have with a master patient index is how good or how bad a shape is it in and can you monitor it on a day-to-day basis.
Orion Health will work with the Partnership to build a master patient index that will allow care providers in the affiliated facilities to see a holistic view of the patient regardless of the location of the patient or provider.
com/ 310ht-227 310ht-228 Product Name Filopto Amicore Practice Integrated Management Management System ASP Yes Accounts payable management Accounts receivable management Yes Yes Coordination of benefits Yes Yes Electronic data Yes Yes Interchange (EDI) Electronic medical record Yes Yes Electronic signature of reports Yes Yes Encoding support Yes Yes Encounter tracking Yes Yes General ledger HIPAA compliance support Yes Yes Interfaces with other systems Yes Yes Master patient index Yes Yes Medication management Yes Online eligibility Yes Order entry Yes Yes Patient scheduling Yes Yes Payroll Purchase orders Yes Referral management Yes Yes Rules-based scheduling Yes Yes Treatment authorization Yes Yes Utilization and quality Yes management Web-based Yes Additional features Medication mgmt.
HANYS Solutions, which has marketed QuadraMed's Quantim([R]) suite of health information management (HIM) coding, compliance, and record management solutions since 2000, will now also offer QuadraMed's enterprise master patient index (MPI) solutions to New York-based hospitals and health systems.
A master patient index links patient records across network boundaries, while the messaging interface engine combines workflow systems like HIS and RIS to update an information repository and keep information consistent across systems.
While the focus on computerized physician order entry and workflow intensifies, 3M Health Information Systems has announced a new business strategy that drops CPOE and clinical documentation applications from its 3M Care Innovation software and instead zeroes in on development and marketing of what it sees as critical to the success of all computer patient record systems: clinical data repository, medical language, enterprise master patient index, and alert management functions.
Axolotl's SOA platform, Master Patient Index, EdgeServer(s), Interoperability HubTM (I-HUB), Community Virtual Health Record (VHR), and EHR solutions are all provided as software as a service (SaaS).
This vendor-neutral PACS archive fulfills disaster recover and business continuance requirements and also provides a cross-enterprise master patient index, survey audit, data check and image sharing.
New capabilities for Children's Mercy will include Intelerad's Master Patient Index to link patient information across sites, InteleViewer(TM) with Multi-Method Reporting embedded voice recognition, the InteleConnect(TM) referring physician portal for mobile results distribution, and DICOM query-retrieve into the facility's incumbent vendor's archive solution to which IntelePACS will send images.
UCP3 introduces enterprise Master Patient Index capabilities, based on the PIX and PDQ IHE actors along with a "plugin" architecture that provides a flexible extension to varying MPI requirements within complex customer and HIE environments.
We have always known our Electronic Master Patient Index (EMPI) solution was not as robust as we would like.

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