master file

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master file,

n a file of semipermanent information that is usually updated periodically.
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NextDocs provides solutions for electronic trial master files (eTMF), regulatory submissions, standard operating procedures (SOP) and quality management systems (QMS).
Rice added that the FDA Master File is expected to drive even stronger product adoption by shortening the qualification process for customers in BioLife's markets.
To request a cross reference to the Master File for CryoStor please contact the Company.
Per regulation, the Company intends to update the Master File as new pertinent information becomes available and will allow it to be cross referenced in other regulatory submissions, thus reducing the burden of duplicative reports and communications with the FDA.
1 Stop Data built its new master file by aggregating data from leading financial information publishers, including Thomson Financial, Richmond Law & Tax and numerous others, as well as from publication circulation lists, conference registrations and other sources.
Now that we can defragment the Master File Table, there is no type of file on a disk whose access performance we cannot improve.
NASDAQ: PBIO) announced today that it has submitted a Drug Master File with the U.
The Census Bureau produces these tabulations for SOI and bases them on the Census extract of the IRS Individual Master File.
These tabulations are produced by the Census Bureau for SOI, based on the Census extract of the IRS Individual Master File.
The MaxCyte system has an FDA Master File in place at CBER.
March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The Official Version of the Social Security Administration's Death Master File is now available online in a variety of applications to suit your needs.
InfoCommerce Group President Russell Perkins added, "With the ability to connect any enterprise system directly to the HMS Provider Master File, we expect healthcare companies will eagerly build new applications and processing workflows that can take advantage of on-demand access to a comprehensive repository of healthcare provider information.

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