massive collapse

mas·sive col·lapse

relatively complete atelectasis of an entire lung or of a lobe, may be acute or chronic.
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The source noted that large numbers of terrorists continue to flee due to the heavy losses among their ranks, particularly in Eastren Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside, which is causing a massive collapse in their morale.
The players were booed off and Miller confessed that if they're not in one of the three play-off spots come May it would be a massive collapse.
Bookies don't expect a massive collapse and McBookie make them 2-1 to win the Championship play-off - but by backing rivals you can take the equivalent of 4-11 not to go up.
Whether that is just a pause before a further slump remains to be seen, but it is not yet a massive collapse of the type that hit the rial several times in the previous three decades.
1) Emley Moor Mast: Amazing new pictures show Yorkshire icon just hours before massive collapse in 1969 The current structure was completed and transmissions began on January 21, 1971 2) Hundreds queue for opening of new Aldi in Slaithwaite Queues around the car park on opening day of new supermarket 3) Cash machine scammers hit Holme Valley - SEVEN victims report cash theft Police are investigating and urging people to check machines for suspicious devices before use 4) Remember Me: Screen success for BBC1 drama is good for town's film profile - plus sneak peak of episode two
With Corey Anderson and Rohit Sharma at the crease, MI looked well on course for a score above 160, but the former's wicket triggered a massive collapse from which there was no return.
We want to create a capability to neutralize the massive collapse liighappelisele paper publications to extend the physical life of 3-5 times.
However, Hassan brought Afghanistan back into the game when he bowled top-scorer Brd for 67, which triggered a massive collapse.
The provincial government of KPK suspended the commissioner of Bannu and removed the inspector general of jails and deputy police chief and appointed a three-member committee to probe the massive collapse of security.
Dubai's property sector witnessed a massive collapse after the global financial crisis, and developers and investors in the emirate are still struggling to come to terms with it.

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