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(măs′sĭv) [Fr. massif]
Bulky; consisting of a large mass; huge.

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Q. How to prevent Stretch Marks? I am pregnant and am starting to get Stretch Marks. How can I stop them?

A. Stretch Marks are hereditary and some women get it while others don't. There are special creams out there in order to prevent stretch marks, however I recommend you take a good moisturizing cream and rub it on your stomach and anywhere else that you need to, every night after the bath.

Q. I want to know why do all pregnant woman get stretch marks and how to treat them? I have given birth to a baby boy recently….it is joyous time on Christmas Eve. This is my second baby. During my previous delivery I didn’t get any stretch mark but now. I want to know why do all pregnant woman get stretch marks and how to treat them?

A. not all women get stretchmarks during pregnancy. some women get them without being pregnant.

Q. Are these stretch marks very common and how to avoid them? I mean which cream to be used? I am in my 8 th month. Everything is going good. Just a worry came when I saw one woman having stretch marks. Are these stretch marks very common and how to avoid them? I mean which cream to be used?

A. Hi , this is my 2nd baby. During the last pregnancy I had stretch marks. I have seen some ladies, who do not have at all. I met one woman with 4 children she did not have any. One of my friend; had in the very first pregnancy. There are creams available for use by pregnant woman before and after pregnancy to avoid stretch marks altogether.

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Massive MIMO is an evolutionary leap forward that uses more elements to support multi-user MIMO, beamforming and typically 8 or 16 streams to enable a major boost in network capabilities.
Massive stars are particularly important for astronomers because of their enormous influence on their surroundings (known as their 'feedback').
This achievement builds on the momentum from the deployment of FDD (Frequency Division Duplexing) Massive MIMO (Multiple Input -- Multiple Output) on Verizon's wireless network in Irvine, California.
cloudtrek customers can obtain access to the Massive Networks global network through the Cloud Exchange Connect portal across 181 countries and 250 metro markets, with over 12 points of presence.
network, and the purpose of the test was to compare the performance of Massive MIMO radios with 8T8R radios.
Ron Downey, CEO and co-founder of Massive Interactive, said: "While video apps are the primary means to connect viewers with their TV shows, movies and other content they are watching, what is essential to our customers is a platform that creates a truly flexible video retail environment.
The researchers discovered that the protostar, which resides in a cold and dense region of space known as an infrared dark cloud, formed from a rotating accretion disk of gas and dust - much like its less massive counterparts.
The results showed that the more massive black holes tend to be located in galactic environments with higher density.
The takeover of Real-View, which boasts a development record of breakthrough technologies for the consumer computer peripherals market, is a logical step forward, given the partnership between the two firms, Massive Dynamics' president Oscar Hines said.
3/ Defeat Muspell x50 -> Rewards: Schwerlelte Massive x1, Helmwige Massive x1
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From their earliest moments, massive stars play the heavy.