massed practice

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mass·ed prac·tice

(mast prak'tis)
A practice schedule in which rest periods are shorter in duration than practice times.
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Weekly test probes were conducted by the authors to assess the acquisition of the target skills taught through one-to-one embedded and one-to-one massed practice.
In addition, the authors calculated the total number of instructional trials provided to each student in each session of both the one-to-one embedded and one-to-one massed practice instructional procedures to ensure their equivalence.
The study utilized a single subject alternating treatment design (Holcombe, Wolery, & Gast, 1994) to compare the relative effectiveness of one-to-one embedded instruction in the general education classroom and one-to-one massed practice instruction in the special education class.
One-to-one massed practice in the special education classroom.
The training included a summary of the current research and rationale for embedded instruction and massed practice.
Fidelity data were collected on the special educator's and paraprofessional's implementation of the one-to-one embedded and one-to-one massed practice instructional interventions.