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While recognizing the DOH's mandate to maintain that only qualified massage therapists could practice the profession, the senators said imposing such restrictive requirement may negatively affect the industry, which mostly employs those from the poor sector and persons with disabilities.
The solon called on the DOH to work with TESDA so that it could improve the latter's existing training system without making it more difficult for individuals to become massage therapists.
Inform your massage therapist about your medical history (including any medications you take), and any pain you experience.
Susan Kent has qualified as a top sports massage therapist
This suggestion mirrors that of Imamura and colleagues (2008) that training and experience of the massage therapist might influence outcomes; an important point when choosing a therapist.
Grey is one of four massage therapists at Back-N-Touch, which also houses a chiropractor and body energy workers.
practicing massage therapists to complete a formal education program and pass the national certification exam or a state exam.
The complaint filed by the Board of Massage Therapists documents a series of incidents of unprofessional conduct alleged by Johnson's clients and co-workers.
Russ Beasley, who was backstage massage therapist for Twyla Tharp's hard-driving Morin' Out, uses acupressure techniques with a wide range of dancers.
After attending the three-year program at College Boreal in Sudbury, Brousseau earned her 2,200 hours of the required education and hands-on work experience, wrote and passed her provincial exam, and is now registered through the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.
If you wear clothing during the massage, make sure the massage therapist can move the parts of your body you expect to be massaged through your clothes.