mass-casualty incident

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mass-cas·u·al·ty in·ci·dent

(mas-kazh'ū-ăl-tē in'si-dĕnt)
Any event that overwhelms the abilities of on-site hospitals or receiving hospitals to treat casualties.
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With highways damaged, the National Park Service requested military assistance in flying more rangers from southern Arizona to help with the mass-casualty incident.
The course focus is often on preparing to make the post's Emergency Action Plan real, by running mass-casualty incident drills.
waters has thus increased the probability of an intentional or unintentional maritime mass-casualty incident.
To support the first responders in a mass-casualty incident, our soldiers must hold a certification that the responders recognize.
County firefighters will use the existing Simple Triage and Rapid Transport system designed to assess the condition of each victim within 30 seconds during a mass-casualty incident - whether the cause a terrorism, natural disaster or vehicle crash.
BARDA is seeking safe and effective medical products that can be used to treat a wide range of types of burn injuries, resulting from any cause, and importantly from any mass-casualty incident.
With seed funding and ongoing support from Palm Healthcare Foundation, HERC has developed a series of hospital protocols on preparing for and responding to any mass-casualty incident, including those that result from both terrorist attacks and naturally occurring public health emergencies.
Ambulance service MIOs usually deal with mass-casualty incidents such as pile-ups and explosions.
9, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- All too often, victims of active shooter or mass-casualty incidents bleed to death waiting for medical treatment, according to members of a collaborative group of federal law enforcement, trauma surgeons, and emergency responders who participated in a panel discussion today during the Annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons (ACS).
Time and again, factors including overcrowding, lax building codes, lack of inspections, inadequate emergency planning, use of indoor pyrotechnics, and a lack of adequate fire suppression systems have led to mass-casualty incidents.
Police and medics practiced mass-casualty incidents and air raid sirens were scheduled to sound twice.
A separate chapter is devoted to mass-casualty incidents and terrorism.