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Each of these individual populations had undergone two cycles of selection for low gall and egg mass numbers in response to its specific nematodes before intercrossing selected individuals as one population.
Where M is the higher mass number of the two peaks and [DELTA] M is the difference between the two mass numbers.
But with 150,000 people dying every year from global warming, Greenpeace feels we're in a climate crisis - and if humanity is to solve the problem we need radical action, the kind of action that can only be forced through by mass numbers of people taking action to display the strength of feeling out there.
One of the first results of this work is currently underway and involves a direct mail campaign which, while reaching mass numbers, is at the same time highly targeted.
Furthermore, our niche products have no need to match the mass numbers of those media.
While METI aims to require mail-order businesses sending e-mail advertisements to protect consumers, the LDP bill aims to prevent such ads, often sent in mass numbers, from causing disruption to communication lines, he said.
These two points raise the complex issues of locations and critical mass numbers.
The Gungans, in addition to dying in mass numbers for the cause, are the comic relief.
Instead, broadcasters are simply trying to get out the message that they have the ability to reach large numbers of people even when targeting certain groups, unlike cablers or nichecasters like the WB which, while able to bring in small concentrations of certain viewers, are rarely able to deliver mass numbers of any kind.
There's even a value in not trying to print mass numbers of this, but to keep the thing targeted," he said.
The first is a simple problem of supply and demand: If mass numbers of people are underemployed or unemployed, who's going to buy the flood of products and services being churned out?
We tried on umpteen occasions, when aircraft were taking off in mass numbers," he says.