Mass Murder

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The systematic killing of a population, either entirely or the majority thereof. A mass murder may be perpetrated with the tacit or active support of a community or a group in the society in which it occurred, and usually is a single event. History’s largest mass murders have been attempts to exterminate an ethnic and other group—i.e., genocide
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As President Bush said: "Our lives, our way of life, and our every hope for the world depend on a single commitment: The authors of mass murder must be defeated, and never allowed to gain or use the weapons of mass destruction.
Maybe my resistance was itself avoidance: The mass murder brought up old feelings of helplessness and anger at the massive loss of life.
But while many of us were chuckling at those who would not appreciate what humankind has achieved in terms of jet travel, information technology and real-time communication, a band of latter-day Luddites carried out one of the most horrifying acts of mass murder ever witnessed.
The ruling marks the first legal decision involving a December 1999 law that allows the Justice Ministry's Public Security Investigation Agency to monitor any organization that has committed ''indiscriminate mass murder during the past 10 years,'' and lets police inspect facilities of such groups without a warrant.
Over the past several years, mass murder incidents have increasingly peaked the interest of criminologists.
The agent jailed for life for the mass murder of 270 people above Lockerbie yesterday began procedures for an appeal.
Local politician Billy Hutchinson accused the UFF and their allies in the breakaway Loyalist Volunteer Force of launching a mass murder attempt.
But that began to change after World War II, when Nazi Germany's mass murder of 6 million Jews and 3 million other civilians shocked the world into action.
Usui rejected a call for limiting the law's application to indiscriminate mass murder achieved by the use of sarin gas.
Geologic detectives are running out of time, literally, as they investigate the biggest mass murder in life's long history--the crisis at the end of Earth's Permian period 250 million years ago.
It turns the stomach to read of the vileness of the 100,000 or so (about one in 600 of the population) instruments of the mass murder of Jews.
Leland's verses describe the mass murder and its aftermath but provide no background information on Womble and his family.