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Abbreviation for:
Medical Academic Staff Committee 
Medical Advisers Support Centre


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The MASC program also includes a first-year colloquium experience and internship placement or field education related to a student's vocational trajectory.
The committee hopes to choose a superintendent in May, but right now the MASC personnel and a school committee subcommittee are setting up focus groups to gain input as to what kind of superintendent people want.
The School Committee earlier this year signed a $9,000 contract with MASC to help search for a permanent school chief.
The 10-year agreement between Schwan's and MASC gives the company title sponsorship privilege and exposure for several of its other food products divisions.
The neighboring town of Ware hired the MASC to assist in a superintendent search there in 2003.
More information on MASC is available on the club's website www.
based and international service providers doing business with MASC began utilizing ITM's on-line system to communicate with MASC in July.
Middlesbrough ASC director of swimming Lisa Bates said: "For the second year running MASC have been triumphant in retaining their title as the most successful club in Teesside.
Sent delegates to the previous MASC Summer Leadership Conference;
As MASC enters its third year of Hometown, SC, one of the most encouraging outcomes has been the success of grassroots efforts to engage and mobilize hometown voices across the state.
MASC offers three self-funded insurance programs to South Carolina cities and towns: the Local Government Assurance Group provides health benefits for municipal employees, SC Municipal Insurance Trust provides workers' compensation protection for municipal employees, and SC Municipal Insurance and Risk Financing Fund provides P&C coverage to their members.
MASC stockholders - or anyone with knowledge about this situation - should contact lawyer Hamilton Lindley at hlindley@deanslyons.