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The menu of massages and treatments is varied enough to fill a handbook-from the hotel's collaboration with Ayurveda Aromatherapy to Sattva Shirodhara with Facial Marma Therapy (the ancient technique of pouring oil on the forehead), to anti-aging facial or maternity massage.
Watch a Kalaripayattu performance: Watch a Kalaripayattu (ancient Kerala martial art) performance at the Indian School of Martial Art and undergo a session of kalarichikilsa and marma therapy, whose roots are from both ayurveda and siddha streams of medicine.
It starts with the "Ultimate Body Polish" an invigorating sea salt and aromatherapy combination, followed by "The Bliss Massage," which combines traditional massage with aromatherapy, energy balancing and marma therapy.
Ayurvedic medicine and yoga explain how and why acupuncture works and offer a self-healing tool through marma therapy.
Who, apart from natives of the Indian sub-continent, has even heard of Marma therapy or Mehndi?
She has formed an organisation called the Complementary Millennium Project which co-ordinates and promotes three Indian therapies - the Art of Living, Marma therapy and Mehndi.
The Complementary Millennium Project is already offering classes in the Art of Living, Marma Therapy and Mehndi at the Sparkhill Social and Cultural Centre and the Community Health Care Centre in Greet.
Another therapy that Sharda offers is Marma therapy.
Madonna is another devotee of Ayurveda, a treatment which uses meditation, yoga, massage, herbal medicine, marma therapy (similar to Chinese acupuncture), and advises lifestyle and dietary changes tailored to the individual's needs.