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Involve Your Sales and Sales Management in Market Strategy Development.
It also prohibits the Board from approving a proposed bank acquisition that would substantially lessen competition in any relevant banking market unless the anticompetitive effects of the proposal clearly are outweighed in the public interest by its probable effect in meeting the convenience and needs of the community to be served.
The market technology has enormous potential to help us address the most important questions we think about.
MGIC's MTI is based on the Market Trend Analysis Report produced quarterly by MGIC's Credit Policy Department using lagging three-month market data from 73 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).
According to its study, "Ethnic Marketing in Financial Services: 2001-2002," ethnic markets account for a significant proportion of the total market for insurance and banking products.
IN CONSIDERING THE GLOBAL MARKET a company's location is not as important to federal regulators as how a merger or acquisition will affect competition within the United States.
You can also determine the best tools to use to reach your market.
To Congress, Druckenmiller was not just another private citizen giving his opinion: He became "the voice of the market" - so much so that when Alice Rivlin, then the director of the Office of Management and Budget, warned Congress of the devastating effects a default could have on the bond market, Domenici, fresh off the New York shuttle, publicly disputed her, authoritatively citing his contacts on Wall Street.
Tangible products have the various characteristics of styling, features, quality level, packaging, and brand name, which determine their ability to meet the needs of clients, whether the clients are theoretical market segments, or real, named individual persons.
A vast amount of data and analytical techniques exist for use in market research.
It means market research and analysis, planning, promotion, creative pricing policies, value-added programs and a multitude of other elements--including sales.
Capital markets in the 1980s were quite open to middle-market companies, from bank financing, the junk-bond market, and private placements to a generally booming equity market.