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Though not a solution to the larger social problem of marginality, these relationships can help students to weather the storms that come with the transition to college and boost their chances for success.
Marginality and the logic of manyness demand a serious revision in the ecclesiology and missiology of the ecumenical movement.
Marginality has to be revoked, but like in Obama politics, it comes from those whose writings and teachings are confident and presumptuous enough to face the consequences of defying conventions; who know the traditions but have also studied, value and teach literary canons outside of Shakespeare, whose concepts of political theory do not start and end with Mills and Karl Marx.
As I turn to these two more recent films, my close readings will continue to examine the role of absence/silence motifs in documenting subjects whose marginality within the arts world throws into relief the nature of our wider society's margins.
In terms of Weisberger's (1992) marginality schemata, assimilation entails an individual discarding indigenous cultural standards and adopting those of another group.
This very marginality seems to be the piece of his inheritance that he most values, enabling him to stand outside of the American mainstream as a college student and young professor.
Chapter 2 outlines the available evidence for the three study areas, chosen for their varying degrees of marginality, dispersed settlement patterns, and access to common pasture.
Slemon quotes Spivak approvingly when she says that "it is marginality itself .
For a number of reasons, including the not-so-trivial ones involving the forces that have centered early modern studies in American scholarship associated with the New Historicism and its predilection for "hot" topics and the English national forces that have relegated early modern Scottish studies to relative academic marginality, the excitement, rigor, and imaginative critical breadth of developments in early modern Scottish scholarship have all but gone unnoticed.
Melosh also probes American attitudes toward secrecy and disclosure as a measure of the cultural status of adoption--"its acceptance by mid-century, its marginality after 1970, its anomalous position throughout" (p.
Kasdorf, a talented poet and an elegant writer, shares not only Yoder's Mifflin County roots, but also his marginality.
19) Originally their marginality related to their position in the hierarchy of colonial society.