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Abbreviation for microtubule-associated proteins , under protein.


Abbreviation for:
Multivessel Angioplasty Prognosis Study


an important feature of epidemiological investigations. Maps with special features suited to data analysis are grid, isodemic, isopleth and spot maps.
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Just as libraries provide support in user selection of maps or datasets, support can also be offered in selecting from among competing service options.
In a bid to promote the use of poverty maps by United Nations (UN) member stares and organizations as well as nongovernmental organizations--particularly in the areas of food security and environmental management--the government of Norway has funded the Poverty Mapping initiative, which is run by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the Arendal (Norway) office of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)/Global Resource Information Database (GRID), and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research.
Abel Buell, a silversmith turned mapmaker, created the first map of the U.
It cost the pair $30,000 to purchase the USGS's digitalized maps.
With much fanfare, cosmological cartographers last year began work on an unprecedented map of the heavens.
The maps of the Galleria differ from their counterparts in Italian public buildings of the same period by being almost exclusively of Italy and its provinces; the Vatican, in another room, already had a wall arias of the world.
GIS is a method by which anyone with a so-called 486 or Pentium (processor chip) personal computer, the right software, and a little instruction can build a series of two- or even three-dimensional "layer maps," and then combine them as needed to manage a forest.
I love students' maps and the many creative ways they find to notate and remember musical ideas.
There are numerous challenges in making geospatial data and digital maps accessible over the Internet.
ATHLETES (see SPORTS) ATLAS Maps of the World, 017&24-12 United States of America (map), Ja9-12
The book concludes with a discussion about social policy and how crime maps may have unintended consequences, such as the right to privacy because many police departments upload their maps to the Internet for community use.
Web-based technologies have revolutionized how teachers teach and use maps in K-12 education, and it is difficult to imagine finding locations and planning trips without services such as MapQuest and Mapsonus.