manual manipulation

manual manipulation,

n therapies that stimulate or manipulate the body to arrest disease and improve health. Manual manipulation therapies include massage, chiropractic, and osteopathic treatments.
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However, silhouettes cannot be recognized by this method in a crowded space, and manual manipulation is necessary.
BOSTON, June 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Traditionally, the only way for an instrumentalist to process effects on their instrument was through manual manipulation.
I wanted to change that and bring in something new, exciting and different," said the facility's director Rashi Panjabi, adding that a combination of mechanics and manual manipulation provided the perfect answer.
One major trend in the market is the laboratory automation using liquid-handling robotics to streamline or substitute manual manipulation during experiments.
The same coordination applies to the mise-en-scene, the accompanying music and sound effects, the complex stage sets, and her manual manipulation of the filmic medium through superimpositions and stop-motion.
The new Roto-Batcher combines the accurate weighing of fresh meat and poultry with manual manipulation to optimise their arrangement and presentation in trays, while its circular rotary batching table, positioned directly below the weigher, also maximises the return on floor space.
Using patented technology to automate the collection, normalization and re-purpose of plan data, HighRoads eliminates manual manipulation, reducing errors and minimizing management cost and time.
When a company eliminates the manual data processes by moving to an integrated data environment, no time is wasted in the manual manipulation of data.
The MO-1 clearly and precisely projects small items, documents and even live manual manipulation of objects through its 8X digital zoom and high definition image projection.
And it transpired my problem could have been quickly resolved by manual manipulation of my pelvis whilst I was pregnant.
Variability in the stencil manufacturing process stems from the manual manipulation of the data used to create the stencil.
The payoff for these firms is the continuous improvement in quality, productivity and value that comes from eliminating unnecessary printing, copying, filing, rekeying and manual manipulation of data.

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