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Method of communication using specific finger and hand movements, representing letters of the alphabet, to spell words.
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Method of communication using specific finger and hand movements.


n the manipulation of fingers into different positions, usually based on the manual alphabet, to represent letters of the alphabet.
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had learned braille a young age and, therefore, the braille alphabet was then paired with the corresponding fingerspelled manual alphabet letters.
had been established, this was then paired with the fingerspelled manual alphabet.
Expansion into the realm of the manual alphabet and sign language was a slow process for J.
The first section comprises 124 pages of auxiliary material such as a brief history of English; a style manual; a section discussing five Western languages; alphabets for Braille, the American Manual Alphabet, Esperanto, Morse code, and Semaphore; and multiple choice vocabulary inventories (with answers) for grades 3 through 12, and college level.
Other information includes poison control centers for each US state, temperature and pounds conversions, and the manual alphabet for American Sign Language.
He printed the title of the paper in the manual alphabet, carried news articles of particular interest to the deaf community, and often promoted the cause of deaf education and the rights of disabled persons in his editorials.
Knowledge was power, according to Backus, who felt that, in an age of progress and invention, education and information sharing promoted by his newspaper could "raise us to an equality" with the rest of the world (The Manual Alphabet [broadside], 1839).
Chico, the speech therapist, uses signs and the manual alphabet to cue Sheila's speech.