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Nathan, 20th-century U.S. biostatistician. See: Mantel-Haenszel test.
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However, there's still a gap on his mantlepiece for the biggest prize of all, and Donald is under no illusions of what he needs to do to fill it.
The collective mantlepiece has been groaning for many years - but it seems that lately if there are any awards to be given out Teesside always has a place in the queue.
You can't really display the baby monitor on a mantlepiece, but it's crazy the prices that people pay these days.
Loloahi Tapui had no right to be in Britain when she was being paid to dust the law chief's mantlepiece and polish her gold taps.
Restorer, Mark Townsend works on the mantlepiece at the Molineux Hotel
It has a white and brown marble surround, elegant shaped mantlepiece and original cast-iron fire inset.
We can be sure that Ms Rantzen's thoroughly deserved CBE - which she has accepted on behalf of her entire organisation - will not be wasted as a mere "gong" to decorate her mantlepiece but will be used to promote even more the aims of ChildLine, and that she will not regard it as the summation of her vital work.
A thank-you note had been taken from the mantlepiece and placed on the couch beside a number of family pictures.
Guests in the nearby Forget-Me-Not Room have reported books flying off the mantlepiece in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, she said.
So I got it for the mantlepiece and it went from there, it wasn't long before I ran out of mantlepiece space to put them on.
95, it would look striking on mantlepiece or table settings or make a great gift with a difference, www.
has a shiny new ornament on the mantlepiece this month after picking up the Man Booker prize for his novel, The Narrow Road To The Deep North.