mantle zone

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man·tle zone

1. Synonym(s): mantle layer
2. a layer of small B lymphocytes surrounding the paler-staining germinal centers of lymphoid follicles.


1. an enveloping structure or layer, especially the brain mantle, or pallium.
2. see frilled.

mantle zone
an outer region surrounding germinal centers in the cortex of lymph nodes.
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Mantle zone lymphoma: a clinicopathologic study of 22 cases.
In addition, the absence of proliferation centers and the distribution of neoplastic cells in the mantle zones surrounding germinal centers made this diagnosis highly unlikely.
The CD20+ mantle zone lymphocytes are expanded and arranged in a distinctive concentric "onion-skin" fashion (Figure 2).
Neoplastic follicles are poorly defined; they lack a mantle zone and polarization; they have few mitotic figures; and they tend to lack tingible-body macrophages.