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(man'ō hep'tū-lōs),
A ketoheptose of the mannose configuration, occurring in the urine of individuals who have eaten a large quantity of avocados.
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Mannoheptulose, which slows metabolism of glucose, may extend life by 30 percent.
Mannoheptulose partially turns off hexokinase, an enzyme that ignites a series of chemical reactions, known as the glycolytic pathway, when glucose enters a cell.
Products based on mannoheptulose may be years away from use in man, but maybe not in man's best friend.
We t think that a compound like mannoheptulose or a glycolytic inhibitor is going to be superior to any of the products that are out there, because of the fact that it does work somewhat similarly to true caloric restriction," Ingram says.
Avocado * Concentrated dosages of mannoheptulose from avocado improve insulin sensitivity and blood glucose levels, with thermogenic effects on fat deposits in muscle.