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Denoting the trivalent cation of manganese, Mn3+.
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The level of manganese in the effluent during the dry weather period was higher than that of it influent; this may be due to the anaerobic conditions which occur in the wetland resulting in the decrease in the redox potential transforming manganese from manganic to manganous compounds at about 225mV [2].
If the groundwater is exposed to an oxidizing agent, the soluble manganese will be converted to its insoluble manganic form.
Variations in redox potentials following waterlogging in different soils are likely the result of many factors, including temperature (Ponnamperuma 1984); soil wetting before waterlogging and soil physical characteristics such as soil porosity (Grable 1966); soil chemical characteristics including organic matter (Chakravarti and Kar 1970; Ponnamperuma 1984; Flessa and Beese 1995); and the presence of nitrates (Grable 1966) and manganic and ferric oxides (Ponnamperuma 1984).