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The European mandrake, Mandragora officinalis, or Atropa mandragora (family Solanaceae), the mandrake mentioned in the Bible; its properties are similar to those of stramonium, hyoscyamus, and belladonna.
[G. mandragoras]


Herbal medicine
A trivial name given to a family of medicinal herbs of the nightshade family:
(1) Mayapple, see there; Podophyllum peltatum;
(2) A Mediterranean perennial of the nightshade family that contains alkaloids, including hyoscyamine, mandragorin and podophyllin; it was once used as an anaesthetic and sedative. The hyoscyamine in mandrake, which is a deliriant hallucinogenic tropane alkaloid, and the root’s vague resemblance to the naked human body have made it popular in neopagan religions such as Wicca and Germanic revivalism religions such as Odinism.


n Latin name:
Podophyllum peltatum; part used: rhizome; uses: snakebite, poisoning, condyloma acuminata, weakness, tumors, and lymphadenopathy; precautions: pregnancy, children, gallbladder disease, elderly, hypersensitivity, intestinal obstruction, diabetes. Can cause con-fu-sion, headache, dizziness, vomit-ing, anorexia, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hepatotoxicity, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, orthostatic hyptension, ataxia, apnea, shortness of breath, altered consciousness, numbness. Also called
American mandrake, devil's-apple, ground lemon, mandrake, wild mandrake, wild lemon, Indian apple, racoon berry, umbrella plant, duck's foot, and
hog apple. See also mayapple.
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The second part of the article highlights some literary references to mandrake in sources as diverse as the Bible, a Shakespearean play and J.
In Genesis, Reuben goes into the wheat fields at harvest time and finds mandrake plants, which he brings back to his mother, Leah.
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