mandibular condyle

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con·dy·lar pro·cess of mandible

the articular process of the ramus of the mandible; it includes the head of the mandible, the neck of the mandible and pterygoid fovea.

mandibular condyle

The rounded protuberance on the back of the mandible which articulates with the mandibular fossa in the temporal bone, as part of the mandibular joint.

con·dy·lar pro·cess of man·di·ble

(kon'di-lăr pros'es man'di-bĕl) [TA]
The articular process of the ramus of the mandible; it includes the head of the mandible, the neck of the mandible and pterygoid fovea.
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4) One of the 4 patients had haemotympanum on clinical examination, and a CTB was requested to exclude a base of skull fracture, but instead revealed a mandibular condyle fracture as the cause of the haemotympanum.
Routine review of the mandibular condyle particularly on the coronal views is advocated to avoid overlooking such fractures, particularly given the subtle clinical signs of mandibular fractures (4) that may not always be appreciated or suspected by referring clinicians.
The independent variables (predictors) were the following: the shape of mandibular condyle, flattening of articular eminence, erosion of articular eminence, erosion of mandibular condyle, erosion of articular fossa, mandibular subchondral cyst, osteophytosis, mandibular subchondral sclerosis, and position of mandibular condyle.
Upon studying the independent variables for the presence of clinical manifestations, the erosions of the articular eminence and mandibular condyle were the only radiological predictors of pain on palpation (tenderness).
Broadway RT Two cases of unilateral hyperplasia of the mandibular condyle.
One expects its position to be interposed between the radial centers of the articular eminence and the mandibular condyle.
When the mouth is closed, the disk is positioned at approximately 11 o'clock with respect to the mandibular condyle; the posterior segment of the disk caps the apex of the mandibular condyle.
The mass was centered on the temporomandibular joint, and it had eroded the lateral margin of the mandibular condyle.
The osseointegration of Mitek mini suture anchors in the mandibular condyle.
While the magnitude of functional loading in a healthy TMJ is a subject of considerable debate, the force applied to a newly placed Mitek mini anchor in the mandibular condyle is difficult to estimate in terms of both magnitude and vector.
Mandibular condyles have lost their oval shape (arthrosis), the mandible movesto the left by sliding due to premature contacts at the level of molars on the right and the migration of those on the left (Fig.
Three-dimensional geometrical models of hard parts comprising the masticatory system (mandible, mandibular and maxillary dental arches, mandibular condyles and mandibular fossae of temporal bones) were formatted based on the information obtained from computed tomography two-dimensional images and associated into one entirety according to accurate three-dimensional coordinates and general system of axes [12] (Fig.