mandibular condyle

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con·dy·lar pro·cess of mandible

the articular process of the ramus of the mandible; it includes the head of the mandible, the neck of the mandible and pterygoid fovea.

mandibular condyle

The rounded protuberance on the back of the mandible which articulates with the mandibular fossa in the temporal bone, as part of the mandibular joint.

con·dy·lar pro·cess of man·di·ble

(kon'di-lăr pros'es man'di-bĕl) [TA]
The articular process of the ramus of the mandible; it includes the head of the mandible, the neck of the mandible and pterygoid fovea.
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dimidiata and sabretooth predators, since the average adult female has much shorter canines than males, as well as a shorter distance from the mandibular condyle to the m3.
4) One of the 4 patients had haemotympanum on clinical examination, and a CTB was requested to exclude a base of skull fracture, but instead revealed a mandibular condyle fracture as the cause of the haemotympanum.
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These audits had to deal with all facial fractures or with mandibular fractures; articles were limited to specific fracture sites--the mandibular condyle was not included.
On examination she was neurologically stable but had sustained bilateral mandibular condyle fractures ('Guardsman's' type fracture) and a comminuted open parasymphyseal fracture on the right side (Figure 1) associated with a facial laceration.
Diagnosis and treatment options are explained in relation to the anatomic, functional, and biomechanical principles of the mandibular condyle, so clinicians can form their own opinions about the best way to treat condylar fractures.
The lateral pterygoid muscle, the only muscle of mastication serving to open the jaw, inserts on the mandibular condyle inferior to the articular surface but can partially insert on the joint capsule and disc as well.
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