mandatory breath

man·da·to·ry breath

(man'dă-tōr-ē breth)
A breath for which either the timing or size is controlled by a ventilator; the machine initiates (i.e., triggers) or terminates (i.e., cycles) the breath.
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According to the DGCA official, they found that the Alco Sensor machine was unserviceable, the mandatory breath analyser check was not carried out and the crew was cleared for the flight in spite of this mandatory test.
The mandatory breath rate is the minimum amount of breaths the machine will deliver in a minute.
Anyone with two or more DUI convictions in the last six years, five DUI convictions in the last 20 years, or a felony DUI conviction will be required to submit a mandatory breath test if stopped by police.
The bill also calls for mandatory breath tests for drivers involved in a fatal crash.
They revealed a huge clampdown on drink-driving with more than 30,000 mandatory breath tests taking place on motorists now each month.
Alcohol was detected in a mandatory breath test on the 34-year-old driver that he took upon arriving at a station on Aug.
The European Transport Safety Council hailed the Government for bringing in mandatory breath tests in 2006 and tougher drink-driving penalties a year later.
The Centre, he added, is planning to bring in mandatory breath analyser tests for all pilots before they fly.
Consequently, to assure adequate minute ventilation, either the mandatory breath rate or "tidal volume" must be increased.
He added: "Since mandatory breath testing was introduced in 2006 it has made a difference.
Garda chiefs have made extra resources available and hundreds of checkpoints will be deployed to carry out mandatory breath checks.
Another feature of adaptive flow is active in the volume control SIMV mode when the flow rate during a mandatory breath automatically increases to match the flow pattern of the patient's spontaneous breath.

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