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manda (munˑ·d),

adj in Ayurveda, “slow” or “dull” as a guna, one of the qualities characterizing all substances. Its complement is tikshna. See also gunas and tikshna.
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Multinational LSPs, such as DHL and Agility, have a very strong presence, especially in the freight forwarding market segment,' said Manda.
Additionally, it forecasts industry executives' optimism towards strategic alliances and technology-transfer agreements, change in budget expectations towards military aircraft and rotorcraft MRO, likely changes in MandA activity in military aviation MRO, the importance of implementing PBL contracting in military aviation MRO, and segments projected to have the highest proportion of MRO spending over the next three years.
Steven runs The Sparkle Horse pub in Glasgow, John, 36, is a web developer in Inverness and Manda has her badge company Wee Badgers and also deals with multiple sclerosis with quiet determination.
Shopping with my sister can be the most arduous of tasks - I was scarred for life at the tender age of nine when Manda, then 14, made me spend an torturous seven hours in one shop.
If Manda were to marry CD Baby, her last name would be Baby and she could go by Manda B - no questions asked.
But general manager Manda Sharp said she was determined not to overlook the store's unique history.
Manda, a French singer, contacted the band through MySpace and I'm sure all of the audience were thankful she did.
Manda to spontaneously combust, rather than the low-key exit which befell the character earlier this year.
Similarly, MAP Chaudhry Asghar Ali Manda asked for a recent master plan of Lahore and the Parliamentary Secretary said it was ready, however, he would give its copy to Manda later.
He said: "Armed people came into Manda by boat in the middle of the night.
On their way to security checkpoints, the soldiers came under attack in the Kani Manda area of the district late on Sunday, the town's administrative head, Niamatullah, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan Channel 5, 9pm The Royal Marines of Lima Company continue their campaign to protect the semi-deserted village of Loy Manda, which is being rebuilt and renovated after years of war.