management service organization

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management service organization (MSO)

an entity that under contract provides services such as a facility, equipment, staffing, contract negotiation, administration, and marketing. Services may be provided to solo practitioners or groups. Approaches to establishment of the MSO include the hospital-related MSO; the provider-of-care, hospital-related, tax-exempt clinic MSO; and the nonprofit, hospital-sponsored equity MSO.

management service organization

Managed Care An integrated health care organization that emphasizes efficient management of primary care networks or medical group practices. Cf Management services organization.
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To effectively manage risk and provide the sophisticated business infrastructure necessary to thrive in today's complex environment, many health plans have developed management service organizations (MSO).
The emerging management service organizations (MSOs) and formally organized managed primary care networks must be designed to represent functional management integration, and the VPMA is in the prime position to lead this development.

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