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Managed care
A term referring to the arrangements that States make for paying Medicare premiums on behalf of those they are required or choose to cover.

The purchasing of a portion of a group practice as a vehicle for becoming one of the partners in the practice.


Medical practice The purchasing of a portion of a group practice as a vehicle for becoming one of the partners in the practice
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There are strong arguments for including management buy-ins within a wider definition of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process.
THE new management team of a Bridgend-based automobile components company are targeting growth after a management buy-in, backed by HSBC.
ENTREPRENEURS David Geary and Samantha Condren plan to expand a Teesside steel company after sealing a management buy-in deal.
He will lead a six-strong team based across Yorkshire and the North-east that specialises in providing bespoke funding solutions to support leveraged finance transactions such as acquisitions, management buy-outs and management buy-ins.
And with the liquidity crisis the tap for finance to back management buy-ins and buy-outs , was effectively turned.
And it's not just the big stock market buy-outs that will get all the attention - we will also be rewarding the takeovers and management buy-ins at small and medium-sized companies.
STOCKTON-based business adviser Tait Walker has launched a service to support management buy-ins (MBI).
Ian Hodgkinson, Gary Jones and Bruce Robinson lead a team with extensive experience of venture capital deals, management buy-ins and buy-outs, business acquisition and disposals, joint ventures and commercial agreements of all kinds.
However, management buyouts had a stronger positive effect on employment while management buy-ins were significantly more likely to show employment falls.
Management Buy-ins (MBIs) subsequently emerged where a new external management team acquired ownership.
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