maltese cross

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maltese cross

a tetrad formation of the early ringlike parasites within the red blood cell seen in babesiosis.

Mal·tese cross

(mawl'tēz kraws)
A tetrad formation of the early ringlike parasites within the red blood cell seen in babesiosis.


1. pertaining to or emanating from Malta.
2. a very small (4-6 lb) dog with dark brown eyes and a long, silky, flowing, white haircoat that obscures the long, pendant ears and small, arched tail. Sometimes called Maltese terrier. The breed is affected by white shaker dog disease.

Maltese cockspur
Maltese cross
characteristic formation within phagocytes in peritoneal granulomas caused by granules of starch; visible in polarized light.
Maltese thistle
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Now extraordinarily rare, Lady Mairi acquired several examples, including one decorated with an elephant in a kilt, which is estimated at pounds 12,000-14,000, while one of the great rarities of the entire pictorial series - and the finer of the two known - the Robert Burns envelope, with a black Maltese Cross cancellation, is estimated at pounds 8,000-10,000.
A Maltese Cross next to my heart is like a silver bullet for the Woolfieman.
Miss Malta gave everyone a silver necklace with a Maltese cross, Miss China a silk handbag, Miss Malaysia an ornate fan.
Peter, an upside-down Latin cross said to be the instrument of martyrdom requested by Peter because he thought himself unworthy to be executed the same way that Jesus was; (6) the Celtic cross, with a circle representing eternity; (7) the Maltese cross, with eight points representing the Beatitudes; (8) the Jerusalem or Crusader's cross, made up of four Greek crosses around four joined Taus, representing the five wounds of Christ, and evangelization to the four corners of the world; (9) the Eastern cross, one of the earliest, still used in Russian Orthodox and other eastern Churches; the upper bar represents the "INRI" inscription; (10) the Patriarchal cross, processional cross used by Patriarchs and Archbishops; (the Papal version has a third crossbar).
In conjunction with the fire safety tips, contributions can be made at any Firehouse Subs restaurant by donating one dollar to the purchase of a Maltese cross, which will be signed with the donor's name and become a mural of support to those who serve and protect.
Two years ago, Miley's English bulldog Ziggy killed her Yorkshire terrier and Maltese cross Lila.
Extra obstacles will be added with stages to include fetching, out-running, lifting, Maltese Cross and penning.
Stages will include fetching, out-running, lifting, using the Maltese Cross and penning.
Malta's one and two euros coins will bear the Maltese cross.