malt liquor

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malt li·quor

a beverage brewed from malt, such as beer or ale.
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Authorities praised the store owners for halting the sale of such malt liquors as Steel Reserve, Hurricane High Gravity, Joose and Four Loco.
Malt liquor and fortified wine were consumed by a smaller proportion of youth in their lifetime overall, although the current quantity of use was similar to beer and liquor.
He said that a 1992 congressional ban on Crazy Horse malt liquor - "a very dangerous effort to legislate political correctness" - was declared unconstitutional by a New York federal district court.
Until then, this brand of malt liquor can still be found on the shelves.
The Red Apple Market, a grocery store at West Sixth Avenue and Adams Street, previously had stopped selling malt liquor.
Responding to concerns from residents and authorities about alcohol-related problems in the Whiteaker and downtown areas, the store owners agreed to halt the sale of two malt liquors on Oct.
The objections arise immediately: People intent on buying low-priced, high-octane beer will walk a few blocks farther to find it if the malt liquor is no longer available on the shelves of the three stores.
SAN ANTONIO, May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- For over four decades Colt 45 Premium Malt Liquor has been the "Class of the Malt Liquor Brands.
And, Miller swept the American-Style Specialty Lager category, winning the gold with Mickey's Malt Liquor, the silver with Icehouse and the bronze with Olde English HG 800.
Oregon Liquor Control Commission regulators have asked the owners of the Neighborhood Market, 7-Eleven and Jacksons to pull the cheapest malt liquor beverages from their shelves because their heavy consumption by transients is contributing to alcohol-related crime and problems in the Whiteaker and downtown areas.
The company brews Sharp's, a non-alcohol brew, and has malt liquor brands including Olde English 800 and Mickey's Malt Liquor.
In the meeting, panelist Mary Lee showed one-liter bottles of fortified malt liquor and talked about the high alcohol levels found in this beer alternative.