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The divalent moiety derived from malonic acid.
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An improved malonyl dialdehyde assay for estimation of thromboxane synthetase activity in washed human blood platelets.
A new case of malonyl coenzyme A decarboxylase deficiency presenting with cardiomyopathy.
Malonic aciduria presenting with developmental delay, malonyl carnitine increased in bloodspots [Abstract].
4] in the mobile phase to detect neutral, malonyl and oleanolic ginsenosides and polyacetylenes used by Christensen et al.
Rg1, Re, R0, malonyl Rb1 (mRb1), malonyl Re (mRc), malonyl Rb2 (mRb2), malonyl Rd (mRd), Rf, Rb1, Rc, Rb2 and Rd were identified from TGS through comparison of the retention times with authentic compounds.
Indeed, gypenosides III, IV, VIII, XII and malonyl gypenosides III and VIII are identical to ginsenosides Rb1, Rb3, Rd, F2, and malonyl ginsenosides Rb1 and Rd (Takemoto et al.