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Affected by improper nutrition or an insufficient diet.

Patient discussion about malnourished

Q. How do I now if my nutrition is correct? I guess it's not... and Id like to fix it but dont really know what should I change...

A. Read more about the recommended nutrition, and learn how to analyze yours here (, and if you have further concerns, you may want to consult a professional (e.g. dietitian). In general, nutrition should include about 30-35 calories per kg per day.

Eat a healthy diet with a lot of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and a limited amount of red meat. Get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. More is even better. Tips for achieving this goal include: Make fruits and vegetables part of every meal. Frozen or canned can be used when fresh isn't convenient. Put fruit on your cereal. Eat vegetables as snacks. Have a bowl of fruit out all the time for kids to take snacks from.

Cut down on bad fats (trans fatty acids and saturated fats) and consume good fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat like olive oil and canola oil). Tips for achieving this goal include: Choose chicken, fish, or beans instead of red meat and ch

Q. Will it be good and what is its nutritional value? I wish to take oats as my breakfast with milk or juice. Will it be good and what is its nutritional value?

A. It is undoubtedly a good idea to have oats as your breakfast with milk or juice. It is well known for its high fiber content which is the best remedy for constipation and also plays a vital role in the cholesterol management and smoothens the digestive process. It also helps you in loosing body weight. It is even good for nervous system and in turn treats depression as well. Around 150gm of oat gives 600kcal energy. Apart from protein, lipid, carbohydrate and fiber content, it is a very good source of minerals such as calcium, iron sodium, zinc, and vitamins like vitamin C, B, A.

Q. What is the nutritional value of oats? I am having oats for my morning breakfast from last week, as I know it is good to have them. But what is the nutritional value of oats?

A. oats are rich with vitamins, energy and protein. makes a wonderful breakfast! (at least when my wife makes it!!).
here's a link to a nutritional value list of oats:

and here's a link to some recipes!:
bread -

Biscuits -


bon apetite!

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The Nutrilite(TM) Power of 5 Campaign works with humanitarian organizations to distribute Nutrilite(TM) Little Bits(TM) to families that have malnourished children ages 6 months to 5 years old in areas where the organization is actively educating, providing food and conducting follow-up assessments to be sure children are thriving.
It can be easier for families who need to continue providing and caring for other children, and it allows vulnerable, malnourished children to stay home and avoid the risk of getting hospital infections," she added.
Early Tracking, Counseling, Community Awareness Initiatives, Medical Support and Regular Follow-ups of the indentified malnourished children are at the core of this programme.
WFP provides additional food assistance to the siblings of registered severely acute malnourished (SAM) and moderately acute malnourished (MAM) children, as well as malnourished pregnant and nursing women in areas where food insecurity is most pronounced.
Officer with WFP Barry Came explains that the 13 per cent of children that are 'wasting' means they are severely malnourished ("they could die in this condition"), while the 47 per cent "stunting" are those that are moderately malnourished.
Thirty per cent of the country's children under five are malnourished, 250,000 are severely malnourished.
The Congress has downplayed the controversy saying that rather than focus on the picture, the BJP should take cognisance of the figures of the malnourished children given in the advertisement.
Sarabhai told media here on Thursday that Modi had no right to hold a public fast for gaining publicity, while so many people of the state were being made to eat malnourished food.
Half a million sachets of food that will help malnourished children in Somalia left Heathrow on a commercial flight bound for Nairobi.
Those who enter hospital malnourished can get worse during their stay while others become malnourished during care.
Those who enter hospital malnourished can get worse during their stay or become malnourished under the care of NHS staff.
The report, from the charity Age UK, found almost one in three nurses believe their own relative could enter hospital with nobody noticing they were malnourished.