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Relating to one or both malleoli.


Relating to one or both malleoli.


(mal-e'o-lus) plural.malleoli [L. malleolus, little hammer]
The protuberance on both sides of the ankle joint; the lower extremity of the fibula is the lateral malleolus and lower end of the tibia is the medial malleolus. malleolar (-o-lar), adjective

external malleolus

Lateral malleolus.

lateral malleolus

Process on outer edge of fibula at lower end.
Synonym: external malleolus

medial malleolus

Round process on inner edge of tibia at lower end.
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It also eliminates the potential morbidity associated with malleolar osteotomy and donor site harvest.
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In the malleolar fracture group, no changes were observed in bone ALP, PICP, TRACP 5b, or PIIINP concentrations between presentation at the emergency room and time of osteosynthesis, whereas OC and ICTP increased and YKL-40 decreased significantly (P <0.
Specifically the Ottawa ankle rules recommend that a patient be referred for an ankle x-ray if there is pain in the malleolar zone with bony tenderness along the distal 6cm of either the tibia or fibula, or with an inability to weight-bear for four steps immediately following the injury.
After approximately two and a half months of NPWT, the patient's ischial decubitus wound was healed (figure 4, A), and the lateral malleolar wound was rapidly healing.
If a medial malleolar fracture was present, anesthesiologists were given the option of providing a saphenous block as well.
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In July 2002, CSI received 510(k) clearance for its WISORB(TM) Malleolar Screw, a bioabsorbable fixation device.
The second is replacement of the superior articulation with hemiarthroplasties of the medial and lateral malleolar articular surfaces.
In July, CSI received FDA 510(k) clearance for its WISORB(TM) Malleolar Screw, a bioabsorbable fixation screw indicated for simple fractures, such as those of the ankle, foot and distal radius.
3) Of the four types of ankle fractures classified by Lauge-Hansen, supination-adduction injuries accounted for approximately 10% to 20% of malleolar fractures.