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The system for monitoring signs of malfunction is designed to automatically detect unusual behaviors without the need for expertise and complicated settings, based on large amounts of information collected from facility sensors.
However, this was not the first time when Beyonce suffered wardrobe malfunction during a Super Bowl event.
1) If the malfunction is grave enough, half the number of patients between QC events will contain an unacceptable amount of error.
The adverse events that were likely caused by x-rays from CT scans were unintended "shocks" (such as stimuli) from neurostimulators, malfunctions of insulin infusion pumps, and transient changes in the output pulse rate of pacemakers.
Annual malfunction rate is the number of new malfunctioning septic systems divided by the total number of septic systems in the study area during a 12-month period.
US Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said the exact cause of the problem was not known but the airport managed to work around the malfunction in about 90 minutes.
As for warding off any potential wardrobe malfunctions (no ``Sticky Fingers'' album cover re-enactments are expected), Mischer said the Jackson breast exposure incident has inspired the NFL to be closely involved in every aspect of the show.
The malfunction occurs when impact to the exterior of the AED20 causes an internal electrical short, resulting in failure to analyze the patient's heart function.
Number one says it's an unwanted brief surge of electric power; the second says it's a malfunction in a spacecraft's fuel cell; and the third says it's a malfunction, a minor technical problem.
In their quest for a more representative model of PD, McNaught and colleagues took note of recent evidence that malfunction of the ubiquitin-proteasome system is a central factor in both the rare hereditary and common sporadic forms of PD.
Many more express concern that most touch-screen systems do not produce a "paper trail" of votes in case of electronic malfunction.
said Monday a malfunction at its business ally's Internet facilities prevented 16,000 subscribers from using its ''OCN'' Internet and Internet-based IP phone services.