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Abnormally or faultily formed.

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Q. Is it a birth defect in children? I know about the causes of autism. Is it a birth defect in children?

A. it's not an easy answer i'm afraid...there are congenital differences, but no "birth defect" that we can detect. there's a good pdf file that gives a full explanation about it...i think you'll find it useful:

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Malformed flogs were found breeding not only in small ponds, but also in lakes, irrigation canals, ephemeral (temporary) pools, and reservoirs.
The MIME exploit makes use of a malformed MIME header and an IFRAME tag to trick Outlook Express into running an attached VBS file.
She finds a whole family living in a box, a six-year old girl desperately trying to care for her malformed baby brother and lost children sucked into the affluent sex-tourist industry.
In 1915, a physician's public announcement that he had withheld lifesaving treatment from a seriously malformed newborn prompted an outburst of press coverage and commentary from individuals across the American spectrum of political and social beliefs.
Bluetooth is particularly vulnerable against malformed input.
Since the introduction of the Echelon Flex(TM) 60 Endopath Stapler, EES has found that, when used in thick tissue (tissue between 3mm and 5mm), the average staple line from the Echelon Flex(TM) 60 Endopath Stapler has significantly fewer malformed staples than a leading competitor.
The baby girl who was given a baboon's heart earlier in the year to replace her own malformed one.
The inquest heard how George, who suffered from the rare genetic disorder, Clover Leaf syndrome, which resulted in a malformed skull, fused bones, a cleft palette, and learning and mobility difficulties, had left the cinema with the group.
The lovesick mammal, possibly malformed or a hybrid species, has been tracked in the ocean's northern waters since 1992 by US Navy hydrophones used to monitor submarines.
Babies born with the syndrome tend to be small and have low-set, malformed ears, clenched hands and mottled skin.
Biologists had long attributed these illnesses to viruses, but over the last decade, most scientists have accepted the view that a malformed protein, the prion, can by itself act as an infections agent.
Nevertheless, it is not necessary for the surgeon to approach a congenitally malformed ear with the fear that "You never know where the facial nerve is going to be.