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Abnormally or faultily formed.

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Q. Is it a birth defect in children? I know about the causes of autism. Is it a birth defect in children?

A. it's not an easy answer i'm afraid...there are congenital differences, but no "birth defect" that we can detect. there's a good pdf file that gives a full explanation about it...i think you'll find it useful:

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The positive Gal-3 immunoreactivity was detected in 35 (52%) of 67 malformed vein samples in the nonpingyangmycin group, while it was detected in three (10%) of the thirty negative control samples.
Fixed malformed SAV files allowing arbitrary files to be written into the game folder.
Species Clinical manifestation 1 2417/1/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 2 2417/2/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 3 267/2/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 4 267/3/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 5 267/4/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 6 2498/1/14 Sheep Weak lamb syndrome 7 2504/1/14 Sheep Malformed aborted fetus 8 2504/2/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 9 273/14 Sheept Malformed, aborted fetus 10 274/14 Sheep Aborted fetus 11 2504/3/14 Sheept Malformed, aborted fetus 12 275/1/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 13 275/2/14 Sheep Malformed aborted fetus 14 263/14 Goat Malformed, aborted fetus 15 215/14 Cattle Aborted fetus Animal Vero no.
Thus, a significant proportion of malformed babies were born to consanguineous parents.
We construct test cases by replacing the vulnerable fields with malformed data and other fields with normal data.
The voting session, which ended late April 12, showed a majority of the justices--8 of 10--favored allowing women to interrupt a pregnancy if the fetus is found to have a malformed brain.
All malformed calves and lambs born recently were infected during gestation, most likely in late autumn 2011.
The flaw allows an attacker to use malformed WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Push messages to disconnect a mobile phone from a cellular network.
The valve is intended to be used for the replacement of diseased, damaged, malformed or malfunctioning native or prosthetic aortic valves in children from 0 to 21 years of age.
Thin apples by picking off malformed, damaged or diseased fruits.
Highly recommended, not just for children with limb disabilities, but also for any child who has a friend or a classmate with a malformed limb.
A Kirklees Culture and Leisure Services spokesman said the trees to be felled were either malformed, diseased or located in positions which would compromise the successful development of the landscaping scheme.