male urethra

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male u·re·thra

a canal about 20-cm long that opens at the extremity of the glans penis; except for the intramural and upper prostatic parts, it gives passage to the spermatic fluid as well as urine; components include the intramural, prostatic, intermediate, and spongy urethrae.

male urethra

a canal extending from the neck of the bladder to the urinary meatus, measuring about 20 cm in length, and presenting a double curve when the penis is flaccid. It is divided into proximal (sphincteric) and distal (conduit) or posterior (prostatic and membranous) and anterior (bulbar and penile).


the tubular passage through which urine is discharged from the bladder to the exterior via the external urinary meatus. In males the urethra also conveys the secretions of the reproductive organs.

female urethra
runs ventrally to the reproductive tract, opening in its ventral wall at the junction of the vagina and the vestibule; at its entrance it may be joined with a diverticulum (cow, sow) or a hummock (bitch).
incomplete urethra
see urethral atresia.
male urethra
consists of pelvic (bladder to entrance to penis) and penile or spongy part; the deferent and vesicular ducts enter the pelvic urethra soon after it leaves the bladder.
penile urethra
that part of the male urethra which passes through the penis; called also spongy urethra.
prosthetic urethra
limited use in male cats with urethral obstruction or stricture; some serious disadvantages and surgical perineal urethrostomy the preferred treatment.
spongy urethra
that part of the urethra surrounded by erectile tissue; called also penile urethra.
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