male homosexuality

male ho·mo·sex·u·al·i·ty

erotic predisposition, or activity, including sexual congress, between two men, after the age of puberty.
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As well as Pete, a feature about 1967's decriminalisation of male homosexuality (hardly the most enlightened legislature, it at least paved the way for today's freedoms) I also spoke to Wallasey's Dave Mitchell and Bill Marchant of Aigburth.
CLARE Balding has discovered her great-grandad was almost certainly gay at a time when male homosexuality was illegal.
Twentieth-centurydepictions of gay characters in Arabic novels, asFrederic Lagrange discusses in " Male Homosexuality in the Modern Arabic Novel " differed hugely from classical Arabic literature, where male homosexuality was often described in positive (raunchy, fun, normalized) terms.
The Bolsheviks, upon taking power in October 1917, abolished the entire criminal code, including the laws against male homosexuality.
Christopher Treiblmayr's historical study of German cinema aims to understand the response of German film culture to the new "hypervisibility" of male homosexuality in the 1990s.
In the former, the protagonist, a leftist and nonetheless culturally homophobic workman, is led to redefine and renegotiate his heterosexual identity after meeting and developing a strong bond of friendship with a gay man that initially did not appear to be so to him, since this man lacks the effeminate expected (which certainly reassesses the depiction of male homosexuality in film comedy).
Given this background, the aims of this investigation are: 1) To describe the attitudes towards male homosexuality and lesbianism in unmarried heterosexual male students, and 2) to predict their belonging to the group of acceptance or the group of rejection using experiential variables (having had sexual relations, number of sexual partners, having friends with HIV, and having had an HIV test, as well as socio-demographic variables (religious affiliation and age).
Published during a period when "gay" was a relatively new way of organizing and describing male same-sex desire, both of these novels consider the relationship between male homosexuality and effeminacy; Vidal constructs "normality" as a rejection of effeminacy, while Baldwin suggests how gay men who ignore the liberating potential of effeminacy will pay a steep price for doing so.
On Monday, a new afternoon soap opera went on air over GMA 7, one of the two biggest TV networks in the country, with a gay-themed soap opera, providing Filipinos another look at the flip side of the LGBT spectrum since the programme deals with male homosexuality.
The theories, which have also been adopted by conservative religious opponents of gay marriage, hold that male homosexuality emerges from family dynamics--often, a distant father and an overbearing mother--or from early sexual abuse.