major tranquilizer

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a drug with a calming, soothing effect; currently it is usually used to mean an antianxiety agent (minor tranquilizer).
major tranquilizer former term for antipsychotic agent.
minor tranquilizer antianxiety agent.

an·ti·psy·chot·ic a·gent

a functional category of neuroleptic drugs that are helpful in the treatment of psychosis and have a capacity to ameliorate thought disorders.

major tranquilizer

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The day before Gannon murdered her parents, she was injected with a major tranquilizer and given a prescription for the same drug in pill form.
Variables treated as dichotomous were use of illicit drugs, arrest history, learning disability, admission for differential diagnosis, minor tranquilizers at admission, antidepressants at admission, major tranquilizers at discharge, and antidepressants at discharge.
Some reports suggest treating with physiotherapy, benzodiazepines, or major tranquilizers.