major operation

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ma·jor op·er·a·tion

an extensive, relatively difficult surgical procedure involving vital organs or in itself hazardous to life.
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Adele underwent open heart surgery at the age of four months and has had further major operations for a serious bowel condition.
Reliance Group Holdings has major operations in property and casualty and title insurance.
She said ending major operations at Hinckley Hospital would affect people who had difficulty travelling further afield.
Gateway was constructed in 1984 and houses major operations groups for AT&T in Westchester.
Today, O&Y presented 15 of its principal creditors with a long-term restructuring proposal incorporating five-year business plans for each of the major operations, cash flow estimates for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and a debt restructuring plan.
It has major operations in Norfolk, San Diego, San Francisco, and Hawaii.
MEGTEC Systems has major operations in the US, France, Sweden, Germany and China and maintains a worldwide sales, service and spare parts support network.
Major operations encompass a utility segment, a natural gas marketing segment, and a segment primarily responsible for storage services.
BAE Systems has major operations across five continents and customers in some 130 countries.
Celanese has 29 production plants, with major operations in North America, Europe and Asia.
Celanese has 24 production plants, with major operations in North America, Europe and Asia.