major minerals

ma·jor min·er·als

(mā'jǒr min'ĕr-ălz)
Minerals required by adults in amounts exceeding 100 mg/day.
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Gold, platinum, chrome, diamonds and coal are the major minerals currently being mined in Zimbabwe.
The meeting discussed different proposals to increase in royalty rates for major minerals and also gave approval for revision of application fee and rents under small scale mining.
We assessed the progress of different mineral- rich states,and found that most have neither the required manpower nor the technical expertise to carry out auctioning of identified blocks of major minerals in the near future," said a ministry official.
Kazakhstan has one of the richest mineral reserves in the world, and is in the top ten in size for a number of major minerals.
We were a top five producer of 14 major minerals in 2007, but today of only 10, with mineral reserves for most commodities plummeting since the 1980s.
It discussed a number of themes including the general concept about the mineral sector, different natural resources, the major minerals and their economic quantities in the Sultanate.
States can't decide on allocation of major minerals.
A deal would give FLSmidth a larger presence in the important mining sector in Australia, while serving its goal to become market leader in every major minerals processing segment, it said.
He said marble and granite was among the major minerals extracted in Pakistan after coal, rock salt, limestone and China clay, but there was still lot more potential to develop this sector.
Potassium, sodium, zinc and iron were the major minerals identified by scientists, each with values of 603, 73.
But they constitute the major minerals found in some ordinary chondrite meteorites.