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What researchers call maintenance rehearsal involves repeating the information mentally without regard to its meaning 6 for example, going through a grocery list and remembering the items just as words without regard to the meal they will become.
Woodward, Bjork, and Jongeward (1973) further added that participants engage in maintenance rehearsal of items until an instruction is given.
In support of this view, Greene (1987), in a review of the literature, found that increasing maintenance rehearsal (sometimes reported as rote rehearsal) increases performance on recognition tests, but not recall tests.
Morris (1987) found effects of tracking on a spatial memory task were confined to the encoding phase; there was no disruption from tracking during maintenance rehearsal.
However, earlier work by Smyth did produce evidence of more specific visuospatial interference during maintenance rehearsal.
Consequently, it is not possible to determine whether the visual interference with the pegword mnemonic was limited to encoding and recall, or whether such interference extended also to maintenance rehearsal.
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