maintenance phase

maintenance phase,

n the period following treatment for a specific condition during which the patient may undergo occasional examinations and treatments in order to regain optimal dental health.
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While all the study participants saw their blood pressure go down as they lost weight, average blood pressure went up in the high-carbohydrate group during the weight maintenance phase, but not in the high-protein group.
But bevacizumab was effective only when used both as an adjunct to chemotherapy and as maintenance therapy: Women who received the angiogenesis inhibitor with chemotherapy but got a placebo during the maintenance phase had a median progression-free survival of 11.
Patients in the maintenance phase of SUD treatment may also be prescribed antidepressant, antianxiety, and/or antipsychotic medications that target coexisting mania, psychosis, anxiety, depression, or other psychological conditions.
This project will be creating business opportunities for the local contractors, via sub-contracts as well new employment opportunities during the construction phase and the long term operation and maintenance phase.
Chapters cover maintenance therapy as a vital part of periodontal therapy, selection of treatment method based on long-term outcome, procedures and outcomes in regenerative treatment of infrabony defects, restorative therapy and maintenance of gingival and periodontal tissues, and complications during the maintenance phase and their solutions with special reference to restored dentitions.
The pitches are being developed in two phases: the construction phase, which lasts approximately 15 weeks, then the maintenance phase, which involves intense daily care in response to the surroundings in which each pitch is growing.
Momentum by Medifast is designed to burn extra calories, boost metabolism and decrease appetite, and has been clinically shown to have the maximum effect on inducing thermogenesis, making it ideal for clients in a weight loss plateau or the weight maintenance phase of the Medifast Program.
In the maintenance phase, 90 patients received a mean risperidone dosage of 4.
Homeport tempo is the percentage of time a unit is in homeport from the end of one maintenance phase to the end of the next maintenance phase," he added.
There may be a continuation phase to prevent the client from relapsing and a maintenance phase designed to prevent recurrence.
Seventy-five patients (mean age, 46 years) with bipolar disorder in the maintenance phase were randomly assigned to receive, in double-blind fashion, N-acetylcysteine (NAC; 1 g twice a day) or placebo, in addition to their usual medication, for 24 weeks.
The expansion of KIA is expected to generate an estimated 900 temporary jobs during the two-year construction period and about 760 permanent jobs during operations and maintenance phase.

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