maintenance medication

main·te·nance med·i·ca·tion

medication taken to stabilize an illness or symptoms of illness.
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He adds that Silver Hill's move to incorporate maintenance medication has boosted its standing in the addiction psychiatry community.
A mild asthmatic only needs rescue medication during an asthma attack, whereas moderate and severe sufferers should be taking maintenance medication every day as well as rescue medication during attacks.
By the way converting existing maintenance medication to home delivery is equally as easy and I urge you to look at that task while you're registering.
During the 18-month follow-up period, relapse occurred among 38 percent of those in the cognitive behavioral therapy group, 46 percent of those in the maintenance medication group and 60 percent of those in the placebo group, making both medication and behavioral therapy effective at preventing relapse.
Using asthma maintenance medication as prescribed to get the underlying condition under control also will help control symptoms better, Warrier says.
Covariates assessed in the analyses included the total number of classes of chronic maintenance medication as determined using MDDB[R] v.
6 parts per billion were significantly associated with respiratory symptoms and rescue medication use among children with asthma severe enough to require using maintenance medication.
The member will know coverage and savings information, and remaining deductible and benefit cost information, as well as per-day cost, annual cost if it is a maintenance medication, and home delivery vs.
After any successful acute treatment for depression such as TMS, antidepressant medications or electroconvulsive (ECT) therapy, it is usual practice to introduce maintenance medication to lessen the chance of relapsing.
There is a critical need for effective and well-tolerated maintenance medication strategies for this population," Dr.
The study, titled "Community Pharmacy and Mail Order Cost and Utilization for 90-Day Maintenance Medication Prescriptions," was published in the print and online editions of the April 2012 Vol.
One open-label study involved 12 patients with bipolar I disorder who experienced breakthrough mania or depression despite reportedly adequate maintenance medication (lithium, valproate, or carbamazepine, or a combination).
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