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To increase the apparent size of, especially with a lens.
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It follows a fire in Linthwaite, when the concentration of the sun's rays by a magnifying concave mirror set a box of Christmas decorations alight.
These clusters are so massive their gravity deflects light passing through them, magnifying, brightening, and distorting background objects in a phenomenon called gravitational lensing.
So, any gravitational object-anything with mass-acts as a magnifying glass," though a weak one.
In the evening, morning and during the winter, when the sun is lower on the horizon, the shallower angle at which the sun''s rays hit the earth means that it is particularly important to be aware of objects, such as magnifying vanity mirrors and glass ornaments, which may be left exposed to direct sunlight.
Extendable magnifying wall mirror PS49 from John LewIs, www.
SPEND SPEND Extendable magnifying wall mirror PS49 from John LewIs, www.
Circus Fantastico: A Magnifying Mystery, The Biggest and Littlest Show on Earth" is a great new mystery kit for junior detectives.
There is nothing that makes you feel so old as having to use a magnifying glass to read the back of packets.
A MAGNIFYING glass started a house fire at an Anglesey property after being left out in a bedroom.
These incredible images - showcasing the latest in magnifying technology - have been produced at the University of London's new NanoVision Centre, which was unveiled yesterday.
Moldflow says this "breakthrough" will enable mold and part designers to avoid one of the major causes of defects in automotive lighting, magnifying glasses for inspecting medical x-rays, cell-phone display screens, and other lenses.
A great gift I received was a good magnifying glass for my failing eyes.