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To increase the apparent size of, especially with a lens.
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Nuance ZOOMS magnifies the content of the mobile handset display enabling people with a range of vision impairments to navigate through the menus and make use of all of their phone's functions.
Although Illinois is one of the wealthiest states, ranking historically among the top ten as to personal income per capita, the importance of its durable manufacturing sector magnifies its recessionary impact.
Produced by the world's leader in eye care, the Bausch & Lomb PC Magni-Viewer is a breakthrough product that magnifies on-screen information 175%, offers multiple adjustments for customized monitor viewing and allows PC users to automatically position themselves in an ergonomically correct work posture.
Close-up instantly magnifies any object on any area of the viewfinder screen 2x larger, so that it fills the entire screen; Art adds a paint-like effect, or solarization, to the image and Mosaic breaks the image into tiny squares.
Abell 2744 (below) is a galaxy cluster whose tremendous mass--equivalent to 2 quadrillion suns--turns it into a gravitational lens that bends and magnifies light from distant objects.