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To increase the apparent size of, especially with a lens.
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Within any low vision service, hand magnifiers continue to be the most popular choice of aid, being readily available and familiar.
The first "2HD" electronic magnifier solution for perfect image quality
And also, you can visit our website www(dot)zoomax(dot)co to join our New Year's contest and win a portable video magnifier Mars HD.
Scan-and-read programs work like video magnifiers to enlarge print.
Careful measurements of reflectance illumination were made of the most common illuminated stand magnifiers that are on the market.
Main Concepts: We explore the concept of lenses and magnifiers.
HIMS new LifeStyle HD desktop video magnifier incorporates industry-leading HD technology, and the SenseView pocket and portable video magnifiers offer versatile features and reliability.
From low vision magnifiers and talking/vibrating watches to amplified phones and accessible toys and games, MaxiAids has custom built the following four Top 10 holiday guides.
Contract notice: Supply of Handheld Electronic Magnifiers to Low Vision Service Wales.
We often combine one of these magnifiers with a slightly increased addition to provide a little more magnification.
Clarity With high definition being the new standard for desktop magnifiers, the Acrobat HD delivers industrial grade visuals capable of picking up tiny, minute details from the smallest microchips, to imperfections in fine jewelry, or the inner workings of a delicate pocket watch.