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Attempted treatment of disease by application of magnets or induced magnetic fields.


An obsolete therapeutic modality of uncertain efficacy, consisting of the use of magnets to treat “ill humours”.


(mag-ne?to-ther'a-pe) [? + therapeia, treatment]
Application of magnets or magnetism in treating diseases.
Synonym: magnetic field therapy.

magnetotherapy (mag·neˈ·tō·theˑ·r·pē),

n the therapeutic application of magnetic fields.
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The latest methods ranging from neurodynamic mobilization of the radial nerve, to base-of-thumb splinting, to combining balneotherapy with magnetotherapy, and to leech therapy are greatly diverse and have demonstrated improved pain levels, stiffness, mobility, strength, and daily activities.
Total quantity or scope: LASER THERAPY DEVICE WITH ACCESSORIES = 10 pieces; Ultrasound Device accessories = 10 pieces; COMBINE electrotherapy ACCESSORIES = 9 pc; MAGNETOTHERAPY ELECTROSTATIC DEVICE WITH CAMP throbbing = 3 pcs; DEVICE lymphatic drainage accessories = 3 pcs; MAGNETOTHERAPY DEVICE WITH ACCESSORIES = 6 pieces; ECHOGRAPHY = 1pc; TUBS MEDICAL FOR DISABLED = 5 pieces; HEALTH TUBS for seating = 5 pieces; BUC-dip PATRUCELULARA = 7; Electromagnetic pulse generator THERAPEUTIC = 2 pieces, hot tub and underwater shower MEDICAL = 8 pieces; MEDICAL BATH SINGLE = 5 pieces; KITCHEN Paraffin hand = 1pc; SYSTEM ACCESS ELEVATOR FOR DISABLED PATIENTS IN BASIN = 2 pcs.
A look at possible mechanism and potential of magnetotherapy.
Indeed, the use of weak field magnetotherapy may represent a viable modality for the effective, safe and non-invasive treatment of chronic pain in osteoarthritic knees.
Total quantity or scope: V9 device combines MAGNETOTHERAPY BTL5940