Magnetic Stripe

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An electromagnetic surface that is either coded—e.g., credit or ID card—or codable—e.g., a rechargeable phone card with a small amount of information
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For example, the data transfer rate for DLT drives is 5MB per second while that of the IBM 3590 Magstar is 9MB per second, a data-transfer rate that no optical media and drives and no low-cost magnetic storage media and drives can match.
First, it uses an amorphous magnetic storage medium, which has no magnetic grains to limit data bit size.
The high densities of magnetic storage technology are preserved, while the exceptionally low power, high reliability and fast read/write access of advanced NAND flash technology enhance overall value at minimal additional cost.
Technological progress in magnetic storage on all fronts has been phenomenal by any measure and there appears to be no near-term end in sight.
E[acute accent]Unlike magnetic storage media, UDO tolerates a wide range of environmental conditions and can be safely stored for many years in a typical office environment.
Storage of data on tape has a history extending back more than 45 years, with magnetic storage being developed more than a century ago.
Healy's experience spans 15 years and includes serving as general manager of the Magnetic Storage Division at Crystal Semiconductor/Cirrus Logic, Zilog and GEC Plessey Semiconductor.
Magnetic storage capacities are expected to continue to grow at 60% or more annually for the next 5+ years.
The original magnetic storage device was as big as a refrigerator and held a mere five megabytes of data.
The hybrid device promises to leverage the benefits of magnetic storage and solid state storage without compromising the cost of the computer housing it.
Swift served as vice president and general manager at Cirrus Logic, where he managed, in succession, Cirrus' PC Products Division, Optical Storage Division and Magnetic Storage Division.
Since joining NEC in 1991, Brower has helped lead global optical and magnetic storage sales that have now surpassed the $4 Billion level.