magnetic field gradient

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mag·net·ic field gra·di·ent

in magnetic resonance imaging, a magnetic field that varies with location, superimposed on the uniform field of the magnet, to alter the resonant frequency of nuclei and allow calculation of their spatial position.
Synonym(s): field gradient
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It was reported that strength of used magnets and magnetic field gradient varies from 70 mT to 2.
Impact of magnetic field gradients on the free corrosion of iron.
Axial gradient of the magnetic field gradient (dB/dL) at the wall of the channel, which caused oxygen transfer towards the pellet surface was equal to 1.
From the earlier equation for magnetization, the magnetic attractive force acting on a particle is the product of the particle magnetization and the magnetic field gradient and can be expressed as:
In simple terms, the magnetic field intensity holds the particle while the magnetic field gradient moves the particle.
This effect is provided in contrast to traditional methods of polishing both by an optimal ratio of velocities of the workpiece-tool movement and the velocity of the MRPF jet flow, by the design of the magnetic system, which creates a magnetic field gradient, and compositional features of MRPF having the desired plastic characteristics and required complex filler particle distribution in the treatment zone.
Elaborating on the procedure of the research, he said, "Magnetic dipoles found in magnetic nanofluid are influenced by magnetic field gradient in such a way that if the magnetic field gradient positions in the same direction with natural convection of nanofluid, heat transfer in nanofluid will be improved, and vice-versa.
UCN of one polarization component get accelerated in the magnetic field gradient, and have a longitudinal velocity of more than 7.
With MRI, by contrast, a patient is placed in a carefully calibrated magnetic field gradient, which causes the nuclei of certain atoms in the body, notably hydrogen, to align magnetically.
Gradient echo spin An echo produced by reversing the direction of a magnetic field gradient or by applying balanced pulses of magnetic field gradient before and after a refocusing RF pulse to cancel out the position-dependent phase shifts that have accumulated because of the gradient.
This creates images using a strong uniform static magnetic field and switching magnetic field gradients with radiofrequency magnetic field pulses.
Building contracts buying a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (nmr) with hydrogen working at 400 mhz suitable for liquid and solid samples, including the console with two rf channels (frequency and broadband) with respective amplifiers, magnetic field gradients, then a broadband measurement probe with automatic tuning for liquid samples, cp mas probe rotors diameter 3.